Roller brushes are available in countless variations, from the smallest soft roller brushes with goat hair, to large long rollers made of steel. We have three main brush versions: layer rollers, spiral wound roller brushes and punched roller brushes.

We mainly use layer rollers and spiral wound roller brushes when there are tough external demands such as high temperature, high pressure on the brush and high material density. Punched roller brushes have the advantage that they are easy to adapt to different dimensions and that there is a wide range of standardised brushes available.

Today there is an extremely wide range of punched brushes. Either traditional roller brushes that have the brush mounted on a plastic tube cut straight at the sides, or “Zick-Zack” brushes based on a modular system, where the customer can create their own roller brushes. The brush modules are 100 mm long and have “teeth” on each side to hide the joint in the roller.

At Borstteknik, our supply dimensions from 50 mm to 450 mm as standard. With the right choice of core and brush material, we can also obtain certificates for food approval and fire rating.