Xebec has developed special brushes and tools for deburring. These products are used mainly in controlled machines or robot cells, but are also available for manual work. The unique feature of Xebec’s brush material is that each strand in the brush consists of a large quantity of aluminium fibres, that together form a unique strand in a complete brush. Since all the fibres have an identical structure, they wear evenly and brush can therefore be employed in automated processes.

The advantage of the Xebec brush is that it can both deburr and polish to 0.1 Ra, depending on the starting surface and material. And there will be no secondary burrs. The Xebec brush deburrs components more quickly compared to other deburring methods.

Xebec brushes are manufactured in different colours and each colour represents a different hardness. Generally speaking, A11 red is used for deburring aluminium, A21 white for deburring steel and A32 blue for deburring stainless steel, cast iron and high temperature materials.

Xebec brushes are available in diameters from 6 mm up to 200 mm.

Rod brushes

Rod brushes also contain Xebec’s unique brush material and is suitable for deburring intersecting holes and polishing inside ducts.

A12 red for aluminium and softer materials, holes 3.5–20 mm.

A33 blue for harder materials, holes 5–20 mm.

Back Burr

Xebec Back Burr deburring tool is a cutting tool that uses Xebec’s proprietary cutting path. Suitable for both internal and external deburring. The benefits are a fast feed rate, the same results every time thanks to the deburring path, long tool life because the deburring point is changed on the tool, and low heat generation.

Available in diameters from 0.8 mm up to 9.8 mm.

Grinding stick

Suitable for use in manual work, but can also be used in controlled machines or robots. These mounted points benefit from a sprung shaft, so the deburring action is always even and soft. Both round and cylindrical mounted points are available with different grain sizes. The round points have an extra long shaft. The mounted points are marked with different colours to indicate the size of the grain.

Available in diameters from 3 mm up to 10 mm.