Diamantborstar för ytbearbetning polering och gradning
When surfaces, tolerances and control become decisive factors in many different processes, we can offer diamond brushes for e.g. surface treatment, edge rounding, edge treatment of cutting surfaces, polishing of e.g. drill bits, hard metal and deburring.

At Borstteknik we have spent many years designing and further developing diamond brushes together with our subsuppliers and customers. and this has taught us such a lot about this process.

Thanks to our many years of experience and knowledge, we will be happy to help you with different options when it comes to selecting the right diamond brush for the right application.

With many variations in grain size, strand diameter and design, we can produce everything from small layer brushes to large roller brushes.

Diamond brushes have now become one of our standard products and the number of application areas continues to grow.

Borstteknik is a company that likes to be at the forefront of innovation and development.

So the diamond brushes that we supply today are the product of many years of experience and desire to refresh the technical capabilities of each brush.

Please contact us for more information and support.