Brush strips have a wide range of applications. Traditionally, these strips have been used for sealing against dirt and noise on doors and gates. Common applications for brush strips are to protect and guide components during transport and to enable the scraping of conveyor belts. A larger form of the brush strip is the panel brush, which is used in various forms in e.g. punching machines for sheet metal.

There are currently two groups of brush strips, which we call stripped brush strips and punched brush strips. Stripped brush strips have a sheet metal core in which the brush is installed. You can often supplement the brush strip with an aluminium holder in various designs. Punched brush strips are fastened to a plastic core. These are usually standard designs, but we can also easily produce brushes to specific dimensions. We also have the ability to obtain injection moulded cores to optimise brush performance. Punched brush strips are also available in a flexible version, which has the advantage of flexibility as well as minimising waste because they are fitted on rollers. Good examples of the use of flexible brush strips are for cable grommets and sealing windows.

The choice of brush is determined by the intended function and environment of the brush. The options are endless as far as brush strip design and brush material are concerned. Together we will ensure that you get the right brush for your application . With the right choice of core and brush material, we can also obtain certificates for food approval and fire rating. Brushes for container sealing are a project, where we worked with the customer to successfully develop a brush that many have seen the benefits of.